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Our company has been in the work of designing, fabricating and installing railings, stair railings, balcony railings, fencing and gates for commercial, institutional, and public installations for years. Our iron work services include: commercial stair and balcony railings, guardrails, safety railings, commercial fences, gates, and gateways using steel, iron, aluminium, bronze, glass, wood and other materials.


Custom iron fabrication is a process that involves bending and cutting metal to form a specific structure or product. In comparison, custom metal fabrication consists of cutting materials in a particular way to meet the needs of customers instead of trying to maintain a standard look or size. Custom metal fabrication uses a wide range of specialized industrial equipment to achieve its desired result.


Whether you are making a product for a purely functional purpose or not, custom metal fabrication work is unique. Nothing adds as much beauty, value, and distinction to your property as wrought iron or aluminium accents. As part of the Iron experience, we also provide professional installation services throughout our neighbourhood, ensuring that your new iron railing or aluminium gate will function and show at its best. We can install everything that we fabricate.

The first thing we do is to get the project details to ensure we can provide our outstanding service for your iron works project. As the project information is provided, we go over the details with our fabrication team and ensure we have a clear understanding. We will gladly schedule an appointment for your residence or business to go over the details in person. As the details are finalized, we will prepare a formal estimate for you to review before we move to next steps.

During the installation process, our installers will deliver the products, perform the installation, ensure the piece(s) are functioning correctly, and complete a thorough clean-up of your property before leaving. When our courteous and professional installers are done, you will get an indeed enhanced home or commercial space.

We have become a leader in iron works industry supplying both new and innovative products to commercial and residential builders alike. With multiple divisions, including Iron Doors, the customer can expect the efficiency of a more significant business without sacrificing the unneeded attention to detail the name we have come to represent. We offer both commercial and residential metal work. From gates, privacy walls, fireplace surrounds, to aluminium and steel railings.

We can create a custom piece you have designed or envision and produce a unique piece that will compliment your space. From the equipment we use all the way to the crafting methods, you can be assured of the best quality from us.

We continue our century-long commitment to producing quality artistry enhanced by the highest standards in value-engineering, project management, fabrication, technology, and safety. And we don’t stop there. We pride ourselves on the full range of accessory services we provide our clients that are designed to expect and meet every construction need.

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